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Designing Air Systems

Challenge: How to properly design an air compressor system, particularly for specialized systems, complex installations or in facilities with limited space.

Myth: Knowing how much “peak psi” performance will be required is all you need to know.

Learn from us: To function properly and cost effectively, your air compressor system must be carefully designed to fill the special needs of your unique application. There are six critical elements that must be considered in the design of any new system. These are demand, air quality, supply, storage, distribution and control. Each must be evaluated separately and more importantly, in combination to achieve optimum results.

The Hope Group responds: Drawing from its more than 40 years of compressed air system specification and installation experience, The Hope Group’s team of qualified engineers and technicians stand ready to put your air compressor system on line, on time and on budget. From complex installation and challenging environments (high temperature, freezing cold – you name it), we have the practical experience to lay out a system to meet your needs.

It’s important to create a system layout that takes a lot of variables into consideration, such as, distance, diameters, equipment order, location, accessories and connection types. These are not items that you want to leave to chance or luck. The Hope Group can help you make the right decisions.

Let’s design an air system: Using special tools and special know-how we will design a system for you:

  • Determine compressed air demand
  • Determine supply requirements
  • Determine storage needs
  • Determine best distribution system
  • Determine appropriate control system