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Parker Finite

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Finite is a brand that represents compressed air and gas filtration products manufactured by Parker Hannifin. The brand was established in 1971 and today includes a wide range of industrial filtration products such as coalescing, particulate and adsorption filters, dryers, filter-regulator-lubricator combination units, and compressed air accessories. The Hope Group is an authorized distributor for Parker Finite Filter products and carries all series listed below.

Parker Finite is represented by the following series

  • Compressed Air and Gas Filtration including HX Series, H Series, BA Series, ASMN, WN Series
  • High Pressure and Alternative Fuel Filtration including M Series, FFC Series, J Series, A5R, A1R, S5R, S1R, S1L, SM, SJ, LPGR, LPGD Series
  • Instrumentation and Gas Sampling Filters including Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Plastic Filters, Disposable In-Line Filters
  • Dryers including FDD Desiccant Dryers, FMD Membrane Dryers
  • Par–Fit Conversion Elements

Why Choose Parker Finite Filters?

Finite filer elements are formed with Unique UNI-CAST design to ensure lower pressure drop and less frequent changeouts.

Finite filters are also available in special design. For example, Finite TopLoad filters can be used when you need to mount a filter near the floor level. The BA-Series combine a fine coalescing filter and an activated carbon filter into one to save the space and reduce the complexity of your system.

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