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Snow Plow Hose Couplers

Pioneer Quick Couplers for Snow Plow Hydraulic Hose 

Get your snow plow ready for the next major snowstorm at one of our Parker Store locations in New England. We stock snow plow hose couplers for your plow attachment. Pioneer hydraulic couplers are also interchangeable with other manufacturers’ snow plow hose couplers. The quick coupler assembly consists of a 1/4-inch NPTF pipe and nipple.

Parker Pioneer 4000 series quick coupling assembly for snow plowsWe recommend Pioneer 4000 Series quick couplings for snow plow attachments for a couple of reasons. First, they are plated with clear chromate. Chromate is an excellent corrosion-inhibitor so you can be sure they will withstand the harsh salt and sand environment. Second, the double shut-off poppet design with an elastomeric seal on the poppet valve prevents the seepage of hydraulic fluid when the coupling is disconnected. While it’s usually a small amount, leaking hydraulic fluid is something to be avoided.

While you’re in the Parker Store, we can also provide you with a snow plow hose assembly. We staff our stores with certified hose fabrication technicians to ensure quality and safety in the finished product.

With all the snow storms coming to us this winter, we at the Hope Group want to make sure you are fully prepared for the worst weather conditions. As they say “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.” Learn more about getting your snow plow ready for winter with our list of maintenance tips for your snow plow’s hydraulic lift system.

Free Parker Beanie with snow plow coupling or hose assembly

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