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Flexible Metal Hose

Parker Factory Welded Metal Hose VarietyThe Hope Group provides stainless steel corrugated flexible metal hose that is perfectly suited for extremes of temperature, high pressures or harsh chemicals. All corrugated flexible metal hoses are available as factory welded assemblies to ensure durability and leak-free operation under the harsh conditions. They are gas-tight and are an ideal choice for transferring liquids and gases. 

In addition to stainless steel corrugated flexible metal hose, we supply PTFE-lined metal hose. PTFE stands for Polytetrafluorethylene and is another name for Teflon. It has superior chemical resistance to alcohol fuels such as methanol, ethanol, E85 and leaded fuels such as race gas. Its non-stick surface facilitates the flow and eliminates media buildup.

When selecting a hose for a particular application, it is important to know:

  • Size or diameter of the hose
  • Temperature the hose will be exposed to
  • Assembly configuration, including how much movement will be experiences and routing so you can determine the proper length
  • Media, so the hose material is compatible with the materials it will be handling
  • Pressure the hose assembly will subjected to internally

Last but not least, the end fittings should be selected so they fit the mating connections.


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