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Hydraulic Hose

We provide hydraulic hose products, which a proven leak-free fluid conveying system, to meet critical manufacturing and end-user requirements. Parker offers a wide range of hose products are designed to meet or exceed international standards up to 8,000 psi. The product line includes Parkrimp hose crimpers, fittings, and all required accessories.

Parker Hydraulic & Fuel Hose

Our stock of Parker hose is available for online purchase on As an authorized of Parker distributor, we supply all types of Parker hose. 

hydraulic hose

GlobalCore Hydraulic Hose

GlobalCore consisting of 187, 387, 487, 787 and 797 series hose. The GlobalCore line intends to improve safety by simplifying Parker's assortment of hose. It does this reducing Parker's hose selection to six different hoses, which operate at different constant working pressures.

Parker 797 Tough Cover hydraulic hose

Tough Cover Hydraulic Hose

Tough Cover hose, which has an outer cover that resists damage caused by rubbing against other surfaces. Parker has discontinued certain series of its abrasion-resistant Tough Cover hose.  Parker hose 187TC, 387TC, 487TC, 722TC, 787TC, and 797TC are part of the GlobalCore line. 


Push-Lok Hose

Multipurpose Push-Lok hose available in grey, red, yellow, blue, green and black for color coding purposes. It is suitable use with pneumatic, petroleum base hydraulic fluid, lubricating oils and antifreeze solutions. It is diesel fuel-approved only when coupled with HY Series fittings.

Suction & Return Hydraulic Hose

Suction and return line hose (811, 811HT, 881) for conveying petroleum base hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils at low pressures.

D.O.T. Air-Brake Hose

Parker series 206 hose is a general purpose air-brake hose for use with petroleum base hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils, diesel fuels and antifreeze. It meets specification for SAE 100R5, SAE J1402 AII, D.O.T. FMVSS 106 AII-Air Brake.


Fire-Resistant Fuel Hose

Parker’s 221FR fire-resistant hose is used in marine fuel applications and is USCG-approved. It is used with gasoline, ethanol blends, diesel fuels, petroleum base hydraulic fluid, and lubricating oils.

Parker 919 ptfe lined hose with braided metal cover

PTFE-Lined Thermoplastic Hose

Parflex thermoplastic hose that meets SAE industry standards, including PTFE-lined hose that meets SAE 100R12

Non-conductive Thermoplastic Hose

Parker's non-conductive thermoplastic hose series (518C, 528N, 588N) meets standards for hydraulic service where both field attachable and permanent hydraulic circuit exposure and contact with high voltage may be encountered.

Request a Quote on Hose Assemblies

We fabricate hydraulic hose assemblies to meet your exact specifications in our ISO-certified facility in Northborough, Massachusetts. We offer testing services on custom hose assemblies to ensure quality and performance.  Ask us for pricing and lead time on your next hose assembly requirement.

Walk-In Service for Custom Hydraulic Hose Assemblies 

Parker_Store_LogoEach one of our Parker Store branch locations is staffed by a certified technician who can provide emergency replacement of any hydraulic hose assembly with an inside diameter up to 2 inches and six-wire braid.  All of our Parker Stores stock 797TC hose (rated up to 6,000 psi) to meet requirements for a wide range of industries.


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