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Industrial Hose

We supply a wide variety of performance industrial hose manufactured by Parker specifically designed to withstand application-specific operating conditions. This includes, but is not limited to, applications requiring: Composite Industrial Hose

  • Air and multipurpose hose – factory assemblies designed for transfer of air in shops and power air tools.
  • Water suction and discharge hoses rated for a multitude of operating pressures
  • Chemical transfer hose for conveying liquids and solvents with aggressive chemistries
  • Transportation hose for air brake systems certified to D.O.T. and SAE industry standards
  • Heavy-duty dock hose for suction and transfer between barges and storage tanks
  • Marine fuel and multipurpose hose¬†that meets the United States Coast Guard (USCG) requirements
  • Hose for food, beverage and potable water that are rated to FDA, USDA and 3-A sanitary requirements.
  • Concrete, dry cement and plaster hose that are designed to handle abrasive materials
  • Hot tar and asphalt hose
  • Pneumatic jackhammer hose
  • Water jetting and pressure wash hose