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Parker Parflex Hose

Parker Parflex hose is a thermoplastic hose suited for hydraulic and pneumatic applications with working pressures up to 10,000 psi. Parker manufactures Parflex hoses in long, continuous lengths with a kink-resistant, steel-reinforced construction. Industry experts prefer using Parflex hose for its unique properties: low weight and extreme flexibility. Additionally, many of the Parflex hose coverings are abrasion and corrosion-resistant.

Parker Parflex Hose Features

  • Parker Parflex thermoplastic hose is up to 70% lighter than similar constructions from competitors.
  • Thermoplastic hose constructions offer a compact O.D. (30-70% smaller), which allows for a tighter bend radius.
  • The length change under pressure is as low as +/-1%. Low length change characteristics make Parflex 563TJ ideal for boom and cable track applications.
  • Parflex TOUGHJACKET™ hydraulic hoses feature a special formulated polyurethane jacket and are available as twin-bonded lines. They also exceed industry requirements for abrasion resistance by 650 times.
Parker Catalog 4660 Parflex Thermoplastic Hose, Tubing and Fittings 2020

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Parker Parflex Thermoplastic & Fluoropolymer Products Hose, Tubing and Fittings Catalog 2020