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Push-Lok Hose

Parker Push-Lok Hose fitting connection graph

What is Push-Lok Hose?

Push-Lok hose, also called push-on hose, is used with field-attachable fittings for quick and easy ‘field’ assembly with no crimper required. It is commonly used on low pressure hydraulic and pneumatic systems and general industrial, maintenance, and automotive applications.

Why choose Parker Push-Lok Hose?

Parker Hannifin is a market leader when it comes to push-on hose. Parker Push-Lok hose has the widest fluid compatibility, application range, and size range in the industry. Additionally, it offers shops some other benefits, which competitors don’t, including:

  • Color-coded for convenience. The push-lok hose comes in five colors (black, red, blue, yellow and gray). When multiple hose lines are conveying different media, a color-coding system reduces time spent tracing lines.  It also prevents you from disconnecting the wrong line by mistake. 
  • Quick and easy assembly. Push-Lok fittings are field attachable, so a hose crimper is not required for assembly. Also, you don’t need clamps or special tools during installation. 
  • Cost savings. Push-Lok hose assemblies can be done in minutes, saving you time and money.
  • Reliability and durability. Parker Push-Lok Hose has a unique seal that has proven to be leak-free and reliable.
  • Versatility. It can convey a number of fluids, including air, petroleum-based hydraulic fluids, and lubrication oils, diesel fuels, and antifreeze solutions.

The Hope Group is an authorized distributor for Parker Push-Lok hose. View the available series below

Push-Lok Hose Series

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