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Servovalve Solution for Gas Turbines

Power plant operators have relied on Parker valves to provide control solutions for gas and liquid fuel turbines for many years. The PH76 Servovalve and the BD15 Servovalve are two examples of popular, high performance Parker valves designed to meet the critical performance requirements of the Power Generation market.

Manifold Mounted Servovalves

Servovalves are used in high precision applications that also require operating power of 200mW or less. These conditions are often found in process plant, power generation, mining, oil and gas, and simulation applications. The torque-motor pilot design of Parker Servovalves incorporates mechanical feedback for high response.

In addition, Parker Servovalves meet ATEX, CSA, and Factory Mutual requirements and are therefore available for applications in hazardous conditions. Parker Servovalves can directly replace competitive models in existing applications.

Parker PH76b Servovalves

The PH76 Servovalve provides high precision and control under harsh operating conditions. The torque-motor pilot design of the PH76 Servovalve incorporates mechanical feedback for high response. Non-arching, non-sparking, ATEX, CSA, and Factory Mutual certification is available. The two stage valve has a range of rated flows from 3.8 to 57 LMP (1 to 15 GPM). The pilot stage is a symmetrical double-nozzle and flapper, driven by a double air gap, dry torque motor. A low current signal to the torque motor pilot stage results in a proportional flow from the output stage. The output stage is a 4-way, sliding spool, which provides a mechanical feedback using an exclusive “no ball glitch” design.

Parker BD15 Servovalves

The BD15 Servovalve features a single source pilot design to best protect your system against “hard-over” failures. An internal filter mechanism makes the BD15 highly tolerant to contamination and easy to maintain. The Parker Series BD Servovalve provides high resolution in the control of position, velocity and force in motion control applications. When used in conjunction with Series BD90/95 and BD101 servo amplifiers or a motion controller, Series BD valves will provide accurate control of rotary and linear actuators. Some of the BD Series features include:

  • Rugged reliable trouble-free operation
  • Reduced contaminant sensitivity
  • Linear flow gain characteristics
  • Intrinsically safe model available
  • Explosion proof model available