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Ham-Let Interchangeability

High quality, lower cost alternative to market leader for instrumentation fittings

The Hope Group proudly represents instrumentation fitting and valve manufacturer Ham-Let Group, which offers a substantial and low-risk cost savings. The interchangeability between Ham-Let and other manufacturers make it an ideal choice for those looking to cross over to a high quality option at a much lower price.

Established in 1950, Ham-Let has built its worldwide reputation on the innovative design, development, and production of high quality products in a wide variety of materials for high pressure, high temperature and vacuum applications. Ham-Let Instrumentation offers a wide array of proprietary instrumentation products including, Let-LokOne-Lok, Weldline, Pipeline, Hose-end, UHLine, and HPA actuators. It specializes in manufacturing:

  • high quality compression tube fittings
  • single ferrule fittings
  • 37° flare fittings
  • hose & hose connectors
  • ultra-vacuum fittings
  • excess flow valves
  • t-type and in-line filters
  • ball valves
  • metering valves
  • needle valves
  • check valves
  • relief valves
  • manifolds
  • pressure gauges

To learn more about Ham-Let, their product approvals and certifications, and their ultra-modern manufacturing facility in Israel, you may read more at: www.ham-let.com.

Manufacturer Cross Over and Price Quotation: Please fill out the this form and hit send. The Hope Group will in turn provide the HAM-LET FFF interchange part number and pricing that corresponds to your current manufacturer’s part number.

Ham-Let Product Catalogs: To view or receive any of the current HAM-LET product catalogs, please see our Manufacturers’ Catalogs.

The Hope Group has extensive system and component engineering and field support to offer all our customers to insure proper fitting and valve selection and circuit design.