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Sneeze Guards Made With Aluminum Framing


The Hope Group is now offering clear acrylic anti-virus sneeze guards made with aluminum framing to protect your essential workers from the COVID-19 virus. Reduce contact points between your employees and customers with a physical barrier.

  • Give your employees and customers extra protection and confidence at work.
  • Show your most valued resources that you are committed to their health and safety.

Hands-free solutions and those that help keep a safe distance between workers and customers are key, and T-Slots and Parker IPS are playing a integral part in safeguarding workplaces.  Sneeze guards and partitions are custom and made-to-order.

Sneeze Guard Benefits

Partitions-made-with-aluminum-framingClean Surface

The smooth surface of the acrylic panels allows for easy sanitation for reducing possible contamination.

Social Barrier

It’s easy to forget to use social distancing, these barriers reduce any unnecessary contact and enforce spacing requirements.


Have your guarding customized to the size needed for your available counter space, adapt to fit other sizes and use it for future applications.

Partition Guarding

partition-guarding-with-aluminum-framingPartition guarding systems can be customized to fit your workspace or open area. Panels are available in clear polycarbonate or white acrylic for your privacy.

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