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Solid Particle Detection Breakthrough Utilizes Laser Detection Technology

The icountPD Particle Detector from Parker represents the most up to date technology in particle detection. The design dynamics, attention to detail and molding compactness of the permanently mounted, online particle detector module, combined with on-board, laser based, leading-edge technology, brings to Power Generation and other industries a truly revolutionary product for fluid management and contamination control.

The Parker icountPD offers a simple method of prolonging the life of lubricants and similar fluids through cleanliness monitoring. These systems help ensure quality standards are maintained by producing fast, accurate, repeatable and reproducible results.

Three (3) Versions Available
Parker has developed specialized versions of the icountPD to best meet the various needs of different customers. The Standard icountPD is designed for test stand, flushing skids, filter carts, and other industrial applications. The icountPDR is designed for mobile equipment or any outside use other than hazardous environment. And finally, the iCountPDZ version is intended for applications, such as Power Generation plants, that may require a zone 2 safety, such as off-shore platforms, or any other hazardous environment.

Typical icountPD Applications
Wherever fluid monitoring is a concern, the icountPD system can provide the answer. Typical applications include:

icountPD Benefits
The icountPD system offers a cost effective solution to prolong fluid life and reduce downtime. By design, it provides continuous performance for prolonged analysis. Important features are the visual indicators with power and alarm output warnings.

Some additional features include:

  • Warning LED or digital display indicators for Low, Medium and High contamination levels

  • Moisture PercentRH indicator (optional)

  • Self diagnostic software

  • Full PC/PLC integration technology

  • Set up and data logging support
    software included

  • Compact and lightweight

  • Minimum sample time of three seconds

  • Parker fluid monitoring systems meet various MIL, ASME, SAE, ISO/NAS, NFPA, NEMA and ANSI standards for construction and performance.



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Ray McCann
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Monitoring the condition of fluids requires a variety of proven and leading-edge products including the Parker portable particle counter. Proper fluid monitoring assists in identifying saturation points, water contamination, cleanliness requirements, and early warning to prevent catastrophic failures.

The Parker icountPD offers a simple method of prolonging the life of lubricants and similar fluids through cleanliness monitoring.

Par-Test is a complete laboratory analysis performed on a small volume of fluid, which is neatly organized into a three-page report and comes either as a petroleum base fluid kit or a water base fluid kit.


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