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The Hope Group represents Instrumentation Fitting and Valve supplier Ham-Let Group in New England with an emphasis on the emerging industries for the region. The semiconductor, process instrumentation, power generation, ground turbine, petrochemical, solar energy, chemical, analytical instrumentation, and pharmaceutical markets, all join the traditional industrial machine, plastics, pulp and paper, food and beverage industries that The Hope Group has served for over 80 years.

Ham-Let Instrumentation offers a substantial and low risk cost savings initiative and alternative to your current supplier. To learn more about HAM-LET Corporation- their product approvals and certifications and their ultra-modern manufacturing facility in Israel, you may read more at: Ham-Let has built its worldwide reputation on the innovative design, development, and production of high quality instrumentation valves and fittings in a wide variety of materials for high pressure, high temperature and vacuum applications.

Ham-Let Instrumentation offers a wide array of proprietary instrumentation products including, Let-Lok, One-Lok, Weldline, Pipeline, Hose-end, UHLine, and HPA. It specializes in manufacturing high quality compression tube fittings, single ferrule fittings, 37° flare fittings, hose connectors, ultra-vacuum fittings, excess flow valves, t-type and in-line filters, ball valves, metering valves, needle valves, check valves, relief valves, valves for CNG, pneumatic actuators, manifolds, enclosures, pressure gauges, and hose.

The highly toxic and flammable gasses, which are used in the manufacturing process of flash memories, logic processors, photo voltaic cells and many other semiconductor based products, guide the industry to set a wide range of standards for the gas and liquid flow control components.

Process Instrumentation
Process automation, monitoring and control are achieved by using various types of products available from Ham-Let Group. These systems share a common need for flow, pressure, and temperature control. High performance components are required to satisfy the need for safe, reliable, and maintenance free equipment.

Power Generation
The New England power generation industry is facing the same demand as the rest of the world for higher levels of efficiency, emission control and safety, which leads to higher requirements for mechanical and chemical endurance from tubing and flow control components. The Hope Group is an established expert source for fluid control including steam, water, hydraulic fluid, and the components and systems engineered for power generation.

Manufacturer Cross Over and Price Quotation: Please fill out the this template and email it to a Product Specialist. The Hope Group will in turn provide the HAM-LET FFF interchange part number and pricing that corresponds to your current manufacture's part number.

HAM-LET Product Catalogs: To view or receive any of the current HAM-LET product catalogs please visit

The Hope Group has extensive system and component engineering and field support to offer all our customers to insure proper fitting and valve selection and circuit design.



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