QuickFit ™

Cleaner and Safer Oil Changes in Under 30 Minutes

Parker’s QuickFit ™ Oil Change System makes oil changes for engines and machinery a faster, cleaner, and safer process.

Routine maintenance oil changes bring many challenges for any business. Accessibility of spaces and safety/ergonomic risks for workers, cross-contamination, spills, environmental contamination, and cleanliness issues increase your maintenance costs and possess safety hazards for workers. Additionally, each piece of equipment is different and may require a unique set of instructions and specialized employee training.

Traditional Oil Change vs. QuickFit™

“The QuickFit™ oil change system provides an accessible, single-point connection that allows oil extraction directly into the final waste containment. The same connection point is then used to refill the system with new oil.”

Why a QuickFit™ Oil Change is better than a traditional oil change

  • Faster

    One connection per compartment results in less variability during routine maintenance. This reduces the oil change time by approximately 50%, lowers your operating costs, and requires less employee training.

  • Cleaner

    The QuickFit™ valve is connected directly to the final containment for complete control so that you can forget about the leaks, spills, and clumsy oil pans. A QuickFit™ oil change is environmentally friendly and produces less waste.

  • Safer

    QuickFit™ system allows for easier access, which simplifies the oil-change process. No more slips, falls, and burns during the oil change.

How does the QuickFit™ oil change system work?

  • Purge Filter
  • Evac Oil
  • Refill Oil

QuickFit™ System Components

  • Parker QuickFit Valve (CVST-500-QF)
  • Parker Check Valve
  • Parker Adapters/Fittings*
  • Parker Hose **
  • Parker QuickFit Bracket (90 degree or flat available) ***

*Specific Parker Fittings, shapes and quantities are dependant on the equipment/engine and routing

** Parker Hose type is dependant on customer preference

*** Bracket may not be required

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