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Technology Training

THG Technology Training Center
Offers An Important Service
to our Customers

The demand for technology training is driven by several important factors, according to the managers at The Hope Group Corporation. First is the impact of promotions or staff attrition, which causes job openings and an influx of inexperienced employees. Even when skilled employees are hired, their familiarity with specific products, systems, policies and procedures is often lacking and without specific training they are at risk of underperforming in their new role. Specialized training is the best way to address that issue.

The second most important need for training is the continuous evolution of technology, particularly in the areas of automation, instrumentation, electronics, and other critical product areas. The influx of new products and technologies places the burden on manufacturers and distributors to bring its sales engineer teams as well as the customer up to speed on the changes as they happen. New products are introduced by suppliers on a regular basis and it’s important to bring the required specialized training to employees and customers as soon as possible.

Upcoming Seminars

There are no upcoming seminars at this time.

To discuss options for group training courses, please email us at TechSupport@thehopegroup.com.