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Air Audits

Challenge: How to conduct a proper air audit of your plant to reduce the mysteries and assure you of cost-effective system design and operating procedure.

Myth: A trained observer can make a quick “walk-through” and offer good advice.

Learn from us: To conduct a useful air audit in your plant will require the skills of a trained technician and the use of proper measuring equipment. There are many benefits to a proper air audit:

  • increased productivity
  • reduced capital costs
  • reduced operating costs
  • peace of mind

What are we really trying to determine? The answer is: How much air do you really need? Unless you have the answer to that question, many of your decisions will be made based on inadequate or inaccurate assumptions. That could be costly.

The Hope Group responds: At The Hope Group we have the trained personnel and the right equipment to conduct a proper air audit. We will examine everything. The air compressor, the dryer, receiver tanks, drain valves, aftercooler, filters, controls – everything. We will examine supply, demand, distribution and control. Our metering equipment will monitor your system’s operations and provide the roadmap from which you can plot your best course of action.

Let’s audit the air

The Hope Group’s service team will get busy and provide an analysis of the following:

  • air leaks
  • plant processes
  • energy consumption
  • system demand
  • control systems
  • piping systems
  • anything else we can think of

The Hope Group has several decades of specific experience providing air audits for systems from 20 HP to 600 HP and more. We stand ready to help you build or redesign your system to be cost-effective and operating at peak efficiency.