Hose Kitting

Assembly and Manufacturing Support

O-Ring and hose kitting services have become increasingly important as manufacturers continue to outsource selected parts of their manufacturing process in an effort to streamline operations. Our o-ring and hose kitting services are ideal for manufacturers seeking ways to remain competitive within an increasingly challenging global marketplace. As an early proponent of the kitting concept, The Hope Group developed several processes that met the need of MRO as well as OEM facilities. 

Eliminate Long Lead Times. Receive Parts Production Ready.

Our most popular component kits for manufacturers include:

  • hose assemblies, including tagging with custom part numbers for easy identification. Pressure testing, certifications, cleaning and capping are available upon request.
  • tube and valve assemblies
  • o-rings

A major machine manufacturer depends on The Hope Group for a series of custom kits. These kits include packages of o-rings in bags of 500, which the manufacturer uses in assembling their machinery.

Benefits of O-Ring & Hose Kitting in Manufacturing 

Receive Parts Production-Ready and Improve Overall Efficiency

Reducing the number of steps in a manufacturing process saves time and money. A custom kit presents required parts to a worker on an assembly line or workbench in an orderly manner.

Eliminate Long Lead Times and Consolidate Many Suppliers Into One

Beyond the improved efficiency for the worker, a custom kit of goods destined for the assembly line has the hidden effect of reducing the number of line items. Customers submit one PO and receive parts from a single supplier, as opposed to ordering and receiving parts from multiple vendors. Further, companies who opt for kitting only pay one supplier because there’s just one invoice.

Components for a custom industrial hose assembly being staged for kitting and shipping.

One of the unexpected benefit of kitting is the removal of defects related to an incomplete assembly of a product. Allow our skilled technicians to kit the components for you while you eliminate guesswork and improve quality.

Reduce Inventory and Improve Cash Flow

Another hidden benefit to custom kitting is improved cash flow. As you diminish the amount of stock holding, you automatically improve cash flow. Each small benefit of custom kitting keeps contributing to reduced cost and time expense. For example, if the custom kit reduces inventory, that reduces the requirement for floor space, which reduces your rent. It’s another hidden savings, beyond just the cost of the product in the bin.

Spend More Time On Your Core Business (and Less Time Assembling and Packaging)