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Hydraulic Power Unit Repair

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The Hope Group offers hydraulic power unit repair in all six New England states. Our factory-trained technicians have decades of experience working on hydraulic power units (HPU). We replace hydraulic hose, pumps, motors, valves, and cylinders.

We serve industrial and municipal customers. When our technician arrives at your facility, we provide a complete evaluation of your power unit. We inspect for leaks, check the condition of the oil, and will replace any faulty hose or fittings. Since we’re an authorized Parker distributor, we can replace any worn or damaged hydraulic components with high quality Parker products.

Oil sampling and analysis for hydraulic power units

The majority of issues originate with oil quality, specifically contaminants and overheating. Our field service technicians use Parker’s Service Master to diagnose issues with oil quality on-site. This diagnostic meter uses sensor inputs to measure ad record pressure, pressure differential, temperature and flow.

We recommend oil analysis and preventive maintenance to all our of hydraulic power unit repair customers. Routine maintenance reduces the likelihood of both contaminated oil and overheating. Also, regularly checking oil quality provides insight into the health of any hydraulic system. This is is why our preventive maintenance programs include oil sampling and analysis. When a component fails prematurely, simply replacing will not remedy the issue in the long-term. Using a high quality oil and mitigating oil contamination is the best way to prevent hydraulic power unit failure. Check out our hydraulic maintenance checklist for tips and learn about the five most common hydraulic mistakes.

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