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Industrial Electronic Repair

Industrial Electronic Repair Process

Drives, PLC’s, HMI’s, Servo Motors, Power Supplies, and Robotic Controls Repair

We remain committed to providing you a great service with each industrial electronic repair, including:

  • 1-Year operational warranty on every repair
  • Emergency expedited service available
  • Free evaluations
  • Experienced factory trained technicians
  • 10 day turnaround on Standard Repairs
  • Failure Analysis and Test Reporting
  • Testing of every repair

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    Electronic Repair Capabilities

    All repairs come with a 1-year operational warranty

    Electronic drives we repair

    Drives Repair

    Our Electronics Repair Department technicians have vast experience repairing DC drives, AC drives, servo drives, spindle drives, or basic motor drives made by all major brands, including Allen Bradley, Reliance, GE, Indramat, Siemens, and ABB.

    • Our drive repair process includes cleaning and checking your drive to replicate its malfunction
    • As a last step of the repair process, we load test your drive on one of our custom-built test stands to simulate your application under normal working conditions
    PLC units serviced with electronic repair

    PLCs Repair

    When we talk about PLCs, even one module failure can bring all of your production to a halt. Therefore, it is essential to have a trusted provider that can fix things for you in the shortest amount of time. With expedited emergency and standard PLC repair services available at The Hope Group, you can limit the harmful effects PLC breakdown has on your business.

    The brands we work with include Allen Bradley, GE, Modicon, Texas Instruments, as well as Siemens.

    • We troubleshoot PLCs by cleaning, diagnosing, repairing, and then re-building them to like-new condition.
    • Next, all PLCs are closed loop, system tested on a matching rack to ensure a quality repair.
    • In most cases, we can provide an exchange board for delivery.
    HMI Touchscreen repair

    HMI / Touchscreen Repair

    As one of the most fragile components in modern systems, HMIs, industrial computers, and touch screens are known to break down easily. To keep your operations going, The Hope Group follows a proven repair process and timely repair turnaround time when it comes to HMI repair.

    • Upon receipt, our trained technicians clean, static-check, and test your HMI to evaluate its condition and then, after your approval, repair and test your unit.
    • Additionally, we have the ability to upgrade legacy tube style displays to an environmentally friendly LCD style at your request.
    Servo motor

    Servo Motors and Encoders Repair

    • Every incoming servo motor and encoder is thoroughly inspected, diagnosed, and repaired by our technicians. Normal turnaround is 10 days or less on most repairs depending on the failure of the motor.
    • All servo motors and encoders are dynamically tested before returning back to you and come with a service report letting you know what work was done and a 1-year operational warranty.
    Power supply units we repair

    Power Supplies Repair

    We have the skills and capacity to repair everything from low power benchtop laboratory power supplies to high-powered telecom supplies.

    • When we receive your power supply unit, we start with cleaning and static-checking your power supply.
    • After the repair is done, our certified technicians load test the component to its limit to make sure no thermal problems exist.
    robotic arm repair

    Robotic Controls Repair

    We have over 20 robotic manipulators and controllers to be able to system test your robotic components. Devices such as teach pendants, servo amplifiers, power supplies, and control boards are closed loop system tested on the exact same type robotic system that you use in your manufacturing process. This allows us to not only verify that the original problem with the unit has been corrected, but also verify all other working parameters

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