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Industrial Component Repair Services

Hydraulic cylinder rod rechrome at repair services shop

Hydraulic, Electronic, Mechanical &  Process Pump Repair

We remain committed to providing you these great services with each repair:

  • 1-Year operational warranty on every repair
  • Emergency expedited service available
  • Free evaluations
  • Experienced factory trained technicians
  • 10 day turnaround on Standard Repairs
  • Failure Analysis and Test Reporting
  • Testing of every repair

The Hope Group is excited to announce that we have joined forces with SunSource, an industry leader in industrial component and control repair. They are, like us, a hydraulic, pneumatic, and control packages distributor. As an ISO 9001 certified repair facility, you can rest assured that your repair will be performed by highly trained, professional technicians with years of experience and an uncompromising attention to detail. We are so confident in their abilities, and our processes, that we provide a 1-year operational warranty with every repair. That is, we will honor our workmanship for one year after the date you install your repaired component—regardless of how long it sits on your shelf.

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Air compressor repair*

  • Air compressors (rotary screw and piston)
  • Refrigerant and dessicant dryers
  • Blowers
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Nitrogen generators
  • Electronic components

We service brands including Kaeser, Kobelco KNW, Atlas-Copco, Ingersoll Rand, Champion, Gardner Denver, Sullair, Quincy Compressor, and Becker vaccum pumps.

Learn more about our air compressor field service.

*Field service is available in New England only: MA, NH, RI, CT, and Maine


Parker servo valve

Hydraulic repair

  • Cylinders: We can repair and remanufacture all of your hydraulic cylinders. Our machining department cuts down the lead time of repairs significantly, and allows us to produce parts for your damaged cylinders. We have the capability to manufacture new rods, pistons, bushings, and tubes. We service brands including: Parker, Miller, Vickers TJ, Hydro-Line, and Hydranamics.
  • Precision actuators: We service all makes and models of rotary and linear precision actuators. A typical repair of a precision actuator includes such work as: grinding and chroming the rod, honing the tube, installing new seals, calibrating the LVDT and testing the actuator with its servo valves. We have repaired actuators as small as 2.3 kip and as large as 250 kip for many different applications within the testing industry. We service brands including: Parker, Moog, MTS, Instron, and Pegasus. 
  • Pumps and motors: Units are completely torn down by highly trained technicians for evaluation. Damaged parts are replaced or remanufactured,
    and the unit is rebuilt. The final product is tested to confirm that it performs to OEM-specific standards before being painted and packed for return. We specialize in the repair of brands including: Parker, Denison, Vickers, Bosch Rexroth and Racine.
  • Valves: We repair all major brands of servo valves, proportional valves, and directional valves. We specialize in the repair of Parker, Moog, Vickers, Bosch Rexroth and Pegasus brands.
Parker AC30 variable speed drive

Electronic repair

  • Drives: We have the expertise and equipment to clean, check and dynamically test your component to replicate its malfunction, and the skilled technicians to fix it. We service all major brands including Allen Bradley, Reliance, GE, Indramat, Siemens, and ABB.
  • PLCs: Standard 10 day service covers all major brands of PLCs including: Allen Bradley, GE, Modicon, Texas Instruments, and Siemens. Expedited emergency repair is also available.
  • HMIs: Trained technicians who will clean, static-check, and test your HMI to evaluate its condition and, upon approval, repair and test your unit.
  • Servo Motors & Encoders: Every incoming unit is thoroughly inspected, diagnosed, and repaired by skilled technicians. Normal turnaround is 10 days or less on most repairs depending on the failure of the motor. All motors are dynamically tested prior to return, and come with a service report letting you know what was repaired and a 1-year operational warranty.
  • Power Supplies
  • Light Curtains
  • Teach Pendants
  • Robotic controls repair: We have over 20 robotic manipulators and controllers to be able to system test your robotic components. Devices such as teach pendants, servo amplifiers, power supplies, and control boards are closed loop system tested on the exact same type robotic system that you use in your manufacturing process. This allows us to not only verify that the original problem with the unit has been corrected, but also verify all other working parameters.
gear box

Mechanical repair

  • Gear boxes and spindles: We provide testing and remanufacturing for gear boxes and spindles. 
  • Vacuum Pumps: We specialize in multiple kinds of vacuum pumps found throughout the manufacturing industries including rotary vane, liquid ring, scroll, piston and lobe. We service all brands of pumps including: Gardner Denver, Nash, BOC Edwards, Kinney, Leybold, Stokes, Varian, Siemens, Somarakis, and many more.
  • Blowers: We specialize in many types of blower reconditioning, including Positive Displacement, and Centrifugal. We provide in-house machining and dynamic balancing equipment to ensure peak performance of your unit.
    We specialize in the repair of these brands: Roots, Siemens,Dresser, Leybold, and many more.

Process pump repair

Specializing in repair of: Ampco, ARO, Brinkmann, Dean, Durco, Flowserve, Fybroc, Gorman-Rupp, Goulds, Hydra Cell, Ingersoll Rand, Iwaki, IMO, Knoll, Liestritz, Mono, Moyno, Peerless, Sandpiper, Scott, Sulzer, Tarby, Tuthill, Yamada, Viking, Waukesha, Wilden, and many more.

  • Fluid process pumps: ANSI Pumps, Double Suction Pumps and Multi Stage Pumps
  • Vertical & horizontal pumps: High Temp / Hot Oil Pumps, Boiler Feed Pumps, Slurry Pumps, Vertical Turbine Pumps
  • Positive displacement pumps: Progressive Cavity Pumps, Screw Pumps, Sanitary Pumps, Paint Pumps
  • Centrifugal pumps: We have the capability to remanufacture your centrifugal pump to like new condition – any size, any brand. We offer complete inspection of shaft, frame, bearings, packing, stuff box, impeller, volute, and front cover to ensure a high quality repair. We service all brands of pumps including: Goulds, Flowserve, Worthington, Ingersoll-Rand, Byron Jackson, Johnson, NOV – Mission, Gardner Denver, Gorman-Rupp, O’Drill-MCM