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As manufacturers continue to outsource selected parts of their manufacturing process and continue to “Lean” out their operations it has become increasingly important to rely on kitting services as a cost-saving and time-saving measure. Our kitting services for manufacturers  have been available for its major customers for over a decade with great success. As an early proponent of the kitting concept, The Hope Group developed several processes that met the need of MRO as well as OEM facilities. Today, the OEM operations dominate its activity as New England manufacturers seek ways to remain competitive within an increasingly challenging global marketplace.

Our most popular component kits for manufacturers include:

  • o-rings
  • hose assemblies
  • tube assemblies

O-ring Custom Kitting Service Provided at the facility
A major machine manufacturer relies on The Hope Group for a series of custom kits including packages of o-rings in bags of 500 that are destined for use in assembling their machinery.

Benefits of Kitting in Manufacturing 

Kitting Saves OEMs Money and Time

Kitting has been an integral part of the overall supply chain process for many years. In simple language, it’s a process of reducing manufacturing steps as a technique for cost and time saving. A custom kit in a manufacturing setting is a system that presents required parts to a worker on an assembly line or workbench in an organized manner. As all the items required are presented in an orderly manner, they can be removed from the kit quickly and without damage.

Beyond the improved efficiency for the worker, a custom kit of goods destined for the assembly line has the hidden effect of reducing the number of lines on an invoice. That happens when many parts become “one part” as part of a “kit.” That may not seem important unless the lines number in the millions, which is often the case for a large manufacturer. Keep the invoicing simple by reducing the lines and everyone wins.

Another hidden benefit to custom kitting is improved cash flow. As you diminish the amount of stock holding, you automatically improve cash flow. Each small benefit of custom kitting keeps contributing to reduced cost and time expense. For example, if the custom kit reduces inventory, that reduces the requirement for floor space, which reduces your rent. It’s another hidden savings, beyond just the cost of the product in the bin.

Custom hose kitting
A rack with custom hose assemblies awaiting inspection and kitting.

Kits Reduce Likelihood Defective Assemblies

As each of these hidden benefits emerges, other aspects of savings become clearer. For example, when a customer finally gets a product that has no defects, partly as a result of a precise custom kit utilized in the assembly process, the reduced returns and customer complaints are priceless. One of the ways quality is improved by a kit is the elimination of guesswork. One of the unexpected benefits of kitting is the elimination of defects related to the incomplete assembly of a product. If a kit has been used on an assembly and a component is left over after the process is finished, then a problem can be detected before it becomes a problem for the customer.


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