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Supply Chain/VMI

As a member company of iPower Distribution Group of New England, we help our customers manage their inventory so they achieve reduced costs, increased productivity, and fewer stock-outs. By implementing Lean techniques such as pull systems, vendor managed inventory (VMI), and point-of-use, customers benefit from the following:

  • Improved replenishment when VMI, Kan-Ban & spot buy procedures are developed, implemented and managed by an iPower associate.
  • Supplier consolidation, which results in price reductions due to higher volume discounts, cost-reducing FFF interchangeable products and product standardization.
  • Streamlined procure to pay, so there is reduced transactional costs related to time, paperwork and “touches”
  • Permanent inventory reduction, which inevitably reduces carrying costs for our customers and shifts the burden to The Hope Group and other iPower member companies.