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Ultra Clean Hose Cleaning & Sealing

Ultra Clean hydraulic hose cleaning and sealing

Ultra Clean Technologies  systems clean contaminated hydraulic hose by shooting a foam projectile through the line to remove contaminants, dirt and oil. Hydraulic lines are sealed with a heat-shrink capsule on the hose end to prevent recontamination prior to use.  Ultra Clean can be used to clean any hydraulic hose assembly that is up to 4-1/2" inside diameter.

Why You Should Clean Hose

Cleaning hydraulic hose after cutting reduces the introduction of contaminants into a hydraulic system. During the cutting process, metal particles and rubber dust are distributed throughout the hose. That’s why it is important to clean the hose immediately after the hose cutting process.

Hydraulic contamination causes damages to the components in a hydraulic system. Also, small particles including those created by the hose cutting process can clog filters. When oil can’t pass through a filter, there is a good possibility that you will experience problems. Typically, the problem is uncovered through troubleshooting. If you rely on hydraulic operations and have ever experienced issues with equipment, then you know first-hand that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And hose cleaning is definitely worth it. 

How Ultra Clean Decontaminates Hydraulic Lines


A foam projectile is shot through the hydraulic line with an air-powered gun. The foam removes internal contaminants inside the hose.

Hose that are cleaned with Ultra Clean systems are sealed with a heat-shrink capsule. The seal keeps contaminants out of the cleaned hydraulic hose during shipping and handling so that you know it's clean before you install the assembly.

Parker Store

The Hope Group offers Ultra Clean for hose assemblies fabricated at any of its Parker Store counter service locations and at the hose fabrication shop in its Northborough, Mass. headquarters.  

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