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Valves Manifold

Our selection our pneumatic valves and manifolds includes directional valves (open-closed, two-way, three-way and four-way) and solenoid valves.

Direct Acting

  • XM Series
  • 15mm Series

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Inline Valves

  • Viking Lite Series* – Buy Online
  • Viking Xtreme Series – Buy Online
  • B Series
  • N Series – Inline poppet valves
  • ADEX Series
  • Air Saver Valve – Reduces air consumption and energy usage in blow-off operations

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Manifold Valves

  • H Series Micro* (formerly Isys Micro)– Buy Online
  • H Series ISO Series*
  • Moduflex Series* – Buy Online
  • Valvair II Series

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Manual Mechanical Valves

  • Viking Xtreme Manual Series
  • “42” Lever / Pedal Series* – Buy Online

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