Protech Bearing Isolator

ProTech Bearing isolator by Parker is designed to protect the bearings from wear and contaminants, which reduces maintenance costs and extends the lifetime of rotating equipment.

ProTech Bearing Isolator Properties

Parker’s ProTech bearing isolators are designed for 100% leak prevention and contaminant exclusion. They can replace radial lip oil seals when reliability and performance is of utmost importance. Parker ProTech bearing isolators selection includes non-contact isolators for prevent lubricant leaks and the introduction of contaminants in non-flooded applications. There are also specialty isolators include dual-contacting versions for flooded and oil mist applications.

The ProTech seal design is the first bearing isolator with a two-piece design that locks together. It uses a labyrinth construction to keep contaminants out. Because there is no internal o-ring seal, there’s no need to replace worn out internal seal. The external o-rings press fit at shaft and seal housing for zero wear of shaft and housing. This allows for easy installation.

Bearing isolators designed and tested for demanding applications

ProTech seals are made of a proprietary PTFE material that has superior chemical resistance. It is also designed to last in high temperature and high velocity applications. ProTech seals have undergone laboratory testing to ensure effectiveness. Parker’s ProTech and three competitors’ seals were subjected to stress tests to validate its performance.

  • Oil leakage test: The oil seal was tested with 100 hour tests conducted with a severe oil splash.
  • Water exclusion test: Testing simulated an extreme external washdown. Nozzles stationed 3 inches away individually sprayed each seal with water at pressures of 30 to 62 psi. This occurred while the shaft rotated at various speeds up to 3,525 rpm for up to 2 hours.
  • Dust exclusion test: An enclosed chamber was attached to the outside of each seal area. The chamber contained a large quantity of fine dust and sand that was agitated. The equipment operated at speeds up to 3,525 rpm for a period of 70 hours.

Standard and custom seal designs available

ProTech bearing isolators are available as both standard and custom designs.

  • Available with and without flange to provide labyrinth sealing in restricted widths
  • Single and multiple expulsion ports available when directional installation is a problem

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View available standard options in Parker’s ProTech Bearing Isolators Catalog EPS 5275. Remember that custom options are available upon request.

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