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Hydraulic Hose Crimper

Parker hose crimping machine Parkrimp 2

What is a hydraulic hose crimper?

The hydraulic hose crimper is a machine that enables any user to make hydraulic hose assemblies in-house. Using a crimper can save time and money. With a crimper on premises, you do not need to travel to the nearest shop and wait for a technician to fabricate the hose for you. The two most common types of crimpers available on the market today are portable and bench mounted.

How does a hydraulic crimping machine work?

A hydraulic hose crimper uses a pump system that creates a tight grip on the end of the hose. This crimps the hose end fitting onto the hose. Some crimpers have a handle that users move to tighten or loosen the crimper. Other hydraulic hose crimpers use electronic controls so the technician can adjust the pressure. These types of crimpers are typically bench-mounted. Parker’s Karrykrimp and Karryrimp II crimpers are modular, so they are portable but can also be mounted to a bench.

Things to think about before you buy a crimper

  • The size of the hose
  • The type of wire you are using (e.g. six-braided)
  • Type of controls you prefer (handheld or automatic)
  • The durability and longevity of the equipment you are buying

The Benefits of Using Parker Parkrimp System:

  • Parkrimp System crimpers require no calibration
  • Parkalign™ unique system with a positive-stop design that positions the fitting in the die. You get a perfect crimp while the operator is no longer responsible for the hose being in the right position
  • Linked dies. Die segments will not be misplaced or mismatched
  • Bottom loading design perfect for long hose assemblies
  • Color-coded crimper dies for easy identification
  • Durability and highest quality

Check the full line of Parker Parkrimp crimpers below:

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