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Hydraulic cylinders from Parker

Parker’s hydraulic cylinders are reliable and cost-effective, which is why we recommend them to designers of industrial equipment and those who maintain equipment. Parker has created hydraulic cylinders for any application and there is a wide range of cylinders to choose from.

Linear actuators

Tie Rod Cylinders

Tie-rod hydraulic cylinders use at least four tie bolts  o hold together the steel head and cap to the cylinder barrel. A steel piston rod extends from the rod-end head and attaches to the piston. Tie rod construction cylinders are typically used in industrial applications. 

Hybrid Actuators

Electrohydraulic actuators, or hybrid, contain an electric motor that powers the cylinder actuation.

Compact Actuators

Rotary actuators

Compact and capable of generating high torque, Parker’s hydraulic rotary actuators hold up to high operating pressures.

Vane-style actuators

Tork-Mor series – Vane style actuator design capable of generating up 145,000 lb-in at rated pressure. Parker’s largest Tork-Mor vane-type actuator operates the pool gates for the killer whale attraction at Seaworld.

Hydraulic rack and pinion actuators

Heavy duty – M series are frequently used in steel mills. They offer reliability, durability, and low maintenance.

Medium duty – HTR series actuators are suited for volume production and other demanding applications.

HUB Series cylinders are designed for harsh conditions. Made with hard coat anodized and hardened alloy steel components. SAE port type.

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