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Hydraulic Valves and Manifolds

Hydraulic valves from Parker

We offer a wide range of Parker hydraulic valves for a variety of industrial applications. Parker’s hydraulic valves are known for their reliability, which makes them a cost-effective choice for any operation.

Types of hydraulic valves

The types of valves include ball, check, directional control, diverter / selector, dump, flow control, load sense, needle, on/off, open center, P.O. check, plug, pressure compensated, pressure reducing, pressure relief, proportional, and shuttle hydraulic valves.

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D1VW Series

Parker Series D1VW are solenoid-operated directional control valves that are high performance, 4-chamber, direct operated, wet armature solenoid controlled, 3 or 4-way valves. They are available in 2 or 3-position and conform to NFPA’s D03, CETOP 3 mounting patterns.

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