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The Hope Group supplies Parker seals and O-rings to customers all around the US. We make sure to offer our customers only high-quality seals that are manufactured to withstand tight tolerances, higher temperatures, and aggressive chemistries.

Why choose Parker seals and O-rings?

Wide variety of products: O-rings, seals, and gaskets from Parker range from standard configurations, extruded silicone profiles, and custom molded shapes to highly complex composite seals, and metal seals for extreme application environments.

Wide range of materials: To optimize performance, Parker utilizes a mixture of base polymer and specific blends of chemical ingredients tailored for particular required characteristics. Many Parker seals are composite products, fully utilizing the unique properties of elastomer, polymer, metal or ceramic materials, in resourceful and innovative combinations.

Highly engineered design: Parker has a strong reputation for providing innovative solutions through its commitment to application engineering technology. Utilizing advanced non-linear Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software its engineers can perform extremely accurate virtual simulations to determine optimum geometry based on specific compound test data.